Stansefabrikken UAB has increased production capacity

Our company has ambition to grow and become a top-level service provider in our field of activity. We are closely following our Customers’ needs and demands. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our production capacity and investing into new equipment. We have a vision to stay your chosen partner in sheet metal fabrication and grow together with you.

Now we have 1300m2 bigger production area. For this reason, we are going to improve production process flow and be more flexible.

We are ready to produce larger volumes of your products and do it even better.

We constantly invest in new technologies and machineries. This time our plant has new equipment - modern laser machine and press brake. We are confident that these new machineries will help us to be more rapid and accurate. What is more, we will be able to improve our quality.

Prima Power laser machine

high brilliance fiber laserwide range of materials (black, stainless, galvanized metal also brass, copper and aluminum)

working area is not less than 3000mm length and 1500mm width

Cutting thicknesses can be up to 16mm 

Prima Power Servo Brake Presses

extremely high accuracy

working area is 3000mm length and 1500mm

press tonnage 100 tons


We really care about our nature

For this reason, our new machineries are environment friendly. They meet highest environmental requirements and let us go green.


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