Photo: Magne Vidar Skorstad (left) and Jon R. Westby(right)

After being CEO since the start Magne Vidar Skorstad chose to step down as CEO in order to continue in Stansefabrikken as Chairman of the board for Stafa Industrier. Magne Vidar was not only the main owner, but an essential person in both the start-up and the development of the company. With his energy and firm leadership, he took Stansefabrikken from a small local factory in Lillesand to an international concern with several subsidiaries and many business areas.

Jon R. Westby who took over after Magne Vidar is still the CEO of Stansefabrikken group. This show one of Stansefabrikkens values continuity and long-term thinking. Stansefabrikken have only had 2 CEO in its 35 years of operation. The same kind of long-term thinking goes for both partners, customers, and employees. 

With Jon the group have continued with a stable growth in both turnover and profitability. Always thinking ahead and looking for reaching the next goals in the long-term plans.