In 1989 Stansefabrikken ente­red  into a new business, going from only punching and   some small additional production as welding and assembly, to powder painting. In a very short period of time, Stansefabrikken became the best player in the market within powder painting, very much thanks to  and  with the  assistance of Bang  &  Olufsen  (B&O),  who had become a customer in 1987. B&O is world famous for it's nice product design and high quality products.

B&O had decided to replace wet painting of their products with the much more surface-resistant powder painting, and chose Stansefabrikken to become their expert supplier in this area.

B&O  was  heavily  involved  in the start-up process, and even placed one of their quality engineers for months in Lillesand in order to train Stanse­ fabrikken's staff.

This large order of more than 20 mill NOK made B&O the largest customers and made further expantion and investment possible. This gave Stansefabrikken a new dimention which will effect the company in all the years to come.