At that time, 27 people were em­ployed by the company, and all of the employees bought some shares. In addition, some external companies were invited to become shareholders in order to have a good financial base and a fair chance to expand and further develop. The bank DNB noticed the enthusiasm among the employees, and offered favourable conditions in order to give Stansefabrikken a good start. Since then, DNB became Stansefabrikken's bank associate.

The people who started Stanse­ fabrikken did not originally have the ambition to become a strong industrial company (group of companies), but nevertheless had a clear strategy how to become the best player in the market. Their motto was: "Those who are the best in the market will be the chosen supplier in a market with high compet itio n".

Stansefabrikken was profitable from Day One, and expanded each year, sometimes more than 40% per year. The premises were expanded two times: in 1988 and 1994.

After some years of operation the property and larger machinery was separated into a holding company, Stafa Industrier AS, which now is the mother company in Stansefabrikken group and owner of all subsidiaries.