Stansefabrikken employees are trained at our more experienced plant in Norway – we source all the know-how from our colleagues, group companies and customers. Plant staff is continuously trained to improve their skills in drawing reading, construction materials and machine and tool operations.

As metal processing technologies keep advancing, the demand for skilled employees is rising. Stansefabrikken can always employ more skilled metal processing specialists because the business and technology school in Ukmergė does not train such specialists.

Therefore, Stansefabrikken together with the Ukmergė Branch of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, as well as local Umega and Ukmergės staklės companies, and the business and technology school in Ukmergė has initiated a project to train metal processing specialists. This will allow the school to train such specialists locally.

The project partners have developed a training course for 10th- and 12th-graders to train for a metal processing machine operator. Umega, Stansefabrikken and Ukmergės staklės plan to pay additional scholarship to all 1st year students who study metal processing machine operating. For the students to get a better grasp of their theoretical knowledge, they will be offered practical training (both course-related and final on-site) on modern equipment at the project partner companies.

As part of this project, a master-degree student from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University was invited this summer to Ukmergė to get acquainted with the equipment and technologies used at our plants and to develop contacts with our skilled staff.

This project should help us to eliminate the shortage of skilled specialists.