In 1987 Stansefabrikken bought the old fuse cabinet factory in Fredrikstad from ABB. In this factory there has been production of electrical cabinets and sheet metal products since 1924.
When the factory in Lithuania was established, we changed focus in Fredrikstad. All the old mass produced cabinets and sheet metal products were moved to Lithuania and the factory started with proto-typing and small batch production.
The factory in Fredrikstad is fully equipped with CNC punching and bending machinery, welding and a complete powder coating line, but more important we have the most skilled and experienced sheet metal workers. Our staff is very independent and can produce samples, prototypes and fast delivery production.
The co-operation with our factory in Lithuania is extensive and when the first batches are done, very often the production is moved to Lithuania for mass-production. In our facilities in Fredrikstad we can also offer storage solutions, also for products made in our factory in Lithuania.
In Stansefabrikken we believe that we can produce and make almost all kind of sheet metal products to all markets. Logistics makes challenges to compete all over Europe, so from this reason our natural home market is Norway.
Because we have very flexible machineries suitable for different kind of production, we produce a wide variety of products to many different industries. Our main products today are:
• Proto-types
• Archive shelves
• Cabinets and boxes for IT products
• Post-boxes
• Chassis and brackets
• Shop-fittings
Quality and delivery pressision
As a sub-supplier during many years we recognize that agreed quality and delivery precision is expected to be in place at all times. As a customer of Stansefabrikken you can be sure we know that, and always want to achieve according to what we have promised you.
If something unexpected should happened and in any way effect the promised deliveries, you will always be contacted in advance and as early as possible. This way we can together find the best possible solution.
Our quality control process is considered to be one of our most important tasks. Our management's commitment to internally run continuous improvement programs and training has created a highly trained and motivated staff along with a growing list of satisfied customers. An open and direct dialog with our customers about the correct quality level for their products is essential, and how we like to work.
You know how you want your products, and it's our job to deliver accordingly.
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