CNC Bending

We use modern bending equipment for bending tasks and other operations:

1. Bending with punching with eccentric or hydraulic presses

It is the most often used and efficient method. Its biggest advantage lies in the use of punching; this allows to perform several bending operations at one go, saving both production costs and time.

2. Bending with sheet bending machines

We have a number of bending machines and a selection of both regular and special-purpose tools. This allows performing various bending operations without the need for a customer to invest into manufacturing equipment. We can also produce small series of products.

3. CNC bending centre

The CNC bending centre enables to perform bending automatically. The centre is most suited to produce bigger products (shelves, doors, shields etc.)

CNC Bending equipment

Item No. Description Producer Type Technical
1 Bending Machine Donewell/Beyeler PR 8 600kN / 2550mm 1996
2 Bending Machine Beyeler PR 8 600kN / 2550mm 2001
3 Bending Machine             No.1 Amada HFE 100-3 1000kN / 3000mm 2006
4 Bending Machine             No.2 Amada HFP 80-25 800kN / 2550mm 2007
5 Bending Machine             No.3 Amada HFE 80-25 800kN / 2550mm 2008
6 Bending Machine             No.4 Amada HFE 80-25 800kN / 2550mm 2008
7 Bending Machine FinnPower - Safan B 100-3100 ES 1050kN / 3100mm 2010
8 Bending Machine Prima - Power eP-1030 1050kN / 3060mm 2012
9 CNC Bending Center Darley MF2502/1 150kN / 2500mm 2007
10 Corner Former Machine GFI M 100 - 1999
11 PressInsertion Machine Haeger 824 Plus 8 T (72kN) -
12 PressInsertion Machine Haeger 824 WT-3 & TIS 8 T (72kN) 2012