CNC Punching

CNC punching and laser-cutting are the main technologies used by Stansefabrikken. The plant uses 4 CNC punching presses and one CNC punching/laser-cutting press. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows producing metal articles without significant investment in tooling.

Modern CNC punching presses allow for fast punching speeds and great accuracy. Before starting series production, we use CAD software and the trial and error method to select the best material input. The equipment enables us to produce both small and big series of products efficiently. Standard tools are used in production of most products, which spares the customer from additional investment into manufacturing equipment.

Our CNC punching equipment enables to do simple punching, upward or downward forming, marking (letters and numbers on the sheet), threading and other operations allowed by the technology.


CNC Punching equipment

Description Producer Type Technical
1 CNC Punching machine AMADA Pega 306072 30 T 1990
2 CNC Punching machine No.1 FINN - POWER C 5 S 300 kN 2005
3 CNC Punching machine No.2 FINN - POWER C 5 300 kN 2007
4 CNC Punching machine No.3 FINN - POWER C 5 300 kN 2007
5 CNC Punching/LaserCutting AMADA EMLZ 3610 NT 300 kN
45 stations Z-turret
6 CNC Punching/Shearing Prima - Power SGe6 + STS6/2A + LD6/2A 300/15,5 kN 2012
7 Tools grinding machine AMADA TOGU EU 4 auto-Index
min/max Ø2-160mm
8 Shearing Machine DURMA HS 2504   2006
9 Measuring Machine VirtekVision Inc. Laser QC 1200 AFM Table 1200 x 1200 2011