As a sheet metal parts producer and supplier, we make sure that our products are professionally assembled and packaged. We cooperate with partners that supply various packaging materials: EPS, cardboard, ESD plastic, etc.

Parts that we produce for well-known brands are packaged and shipped to customers without additional quality control.

The company offers mechanical and electrical assembly services:

  • the mechanical assembly department assembles electrical switch boxes, cabinets, post boxes with individual or common locks and other products,
  • the electrical assembly department assembles various types of electrical heaters and performs quality testing according to customer specifications. Such heaters are also packaged into original customer-supplied packaging.

Assembly and storage equipment

Description Producer Type Production
1 JUMBO Lifting Equipment Fezer VPL 60/1700  2007
2 Shrink-Wrapping Equipment Reo Pack F 1200  
3 Shrink-Wrapping Equipment Signode Mimalite  
4 Press Waste Pressing Bramidan B 4 2006