Mechanical Presses

For a large product series punching is very efficient because a separate punch is used for every product. The metal sheet band is fed into the press with a specific punch from a metal roll to speed up the process. More than 1,500 parts can be punched per hour.

The punching presses are universal and can be used to punch a series of the same product or for continuous step-by-step punching. The presses are designed, produced and installed in such a way that allows for quick punch replacement.

Our biggest punching line with a 1,300-ton press is ideal for producing complex parts from both thin and thick metal band. Punches can be up to 30 tons and measure up to 4,500x1,800 mm.

The biggest advantage of these presses is that they can punch steel sheets measuring 10 mm in thickness and 1,600 mm in width.

Another advantage is that the 1,300-ton press is technologically linked with a degreasing line. This ensures very short production leads and effective cost control.

We have several 400-ton presses linked into compact lines with band unrolling and feeding equipment. The rolls of extra-hardness steel of up to 7 mm in thickness can be fed into oversize (up to 2,500x1,400 mm) punches. Another compact punching line is available for aluminium and stainless steel parts.

The 400-ton presses are linked into a common tooling (punching) replacement system which allows replacing a stamp in less than 10 minutes.

For single-operation punching we have a few additional, 400-ton eccentric presses.

Mechanical presses equipment

Description Producer Type / Model Capacity Production
1 Eccentric Press SMV Industrier ALT - F 25 25 T 1977
2 Eccentric Press SMV Industrier ALT - F 40 40 T 1975
3 Eccentric Press SMV Industrier ALT - F 63 63 T 1973
4 Eccentric Press PMB  EPF - 64 64 T 1966
5 Eccentric Press SVEA Maskiner A/S FPV - 6 100 T 1978
6 Eccentric Press SVEA Maskiner A/S COF - 1000 125 T 1976
7 Eccentric Press Ruhrmann EER - 200 200 T -
8 Eccentric Press Erfrut PEE II 250 250 T 1979
9 Eccentric Press Šmeral / PMB LE - 400 400 T 1970
10 Eccentric Press Šmeral / PMB LE - 400 400 T 1970
11 Hydraulic Press Tranemo DP 250 AV-100 250 T 1982
12 Shearing Machine Cincinnati 10    
13 Drilling Machine MAS VR 2    
14 Drilling Equipment CREUSEN TB 820   2012
15 Rolling Machine Birlik Makina M S M S    
16 Round Cutting Equipment Pedrazzoli B 300 MRM    
17 Round Cutting Equipment Yilmaz      
18 Threading Machine Amada Amadan CTS 54    
19 RobotWelding Equipment ABB, AB FlexArc R-600 S   2012
20 CMT Welding Equipment Fronius Trans Puls Synergic 3200   2012