Powder Coating

Our company has the biggest powder coating capacity in Lithuania. Stansefabrikken employs two automated powder coating lines. The fully automated pre-treatment process that involves phosphating, ensures consistent and high-quality coating results.

Stansefabrikken was first in Lithuania to install a high-capacity automated powder coating line that has an anti-corrosion function. The Oxsilan anti-corrosion pre-treatment technology is now gaining popularity fast around the world and is beginning to replace galvanization as the preferred anti-corrosion method. The new technology is the so-called dry method and has a number of advantages over wet coating.

Stansefabrikken's powder coating lines have several coating cabinets for different colour palettes. The following max measures apply for detail coating: 
Height: 1,700 mm, Width: 850 mm, Length: 2,500 mm

Powder coating equipment

Item No. Description Producer Type Production date
1 Powder Coating Line 1 IdealEngineeringA/S Ideal Line 2003
2 Powder Coating Line 2 IdealEngineeringA/S Ideal Line 2011
3 Wastewater Cleaning Equipment Ecoflokas ECO-40 2011