UAB Ukmergės pramonės parkas is located in Ukmergė, 70 km north of Lithuania's capital Vilnius. Ukmergė has fast and convenient connections to other major Lithuanian cities – Kaunas, Utena, Panevėžys. The park was set up in 2002 when Norwegian company Stafa Industrier AS decided to establish a manufacturing base in Eastern Europe. Having chosen Lithuania for the purpose, Stafa Industrier set up UAB Ukmergės pramonės parkas in Ukmerge as well as two manufacturing subsidiaries Stansefabrikken and Stansefabrikken Automotive.

Ukmergės pramonės parkas has 15 staff. It is engaged in leasing industrial and office area as well as providing consulting, marketing, supplier sourcing, staffing and engineering solution services.

Currently, the renovated manufacturing premises offer 20,000 square metres of industrial and office area, leased to five tenants:

UAB Stansefabrikken

UAB Stansefabrikken Automotive

UAB Swix Sport Baltic

UAB Hoerbiger vienybė

UAB Tezaurus konsultacijos

Our vision is to upkeep this small, comfortable, convenient, modern and ergonomic industrial park and develop B2B synergies between its tenants. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly neighbourhood tradition.

"Our park offers business conditions that provide for high-quality manufacturing process and favourable working environment for employees," says Olav Jegtvolden, head of UAB Ukmergės pramonės parkas.

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