One of the major benefits of establishing your company in the Industrial Park in Ukmerge are a number of common services that one can benefit from if you wish to use them.

The industrial park offers its tenants a number of common features and services. Everything can be selected as desired and needed. This provides economic benefits and ensure high quality services:

Included in rent agreement are the following:

  •      Reception and switchboard
  •      24/7 guard, alarm and security
  •      Internet
  •      Shared conference roms
  •      Property and other taxes
  •      Building insurance
  •      Janitor

Other select free services:

  •      Expanded internet
  •      Cleaning services
  •      Engineering
  •      Accounting services
  •      Recruitment and HR services
  •      Assistance with moving production / operations to the industrial park
  •      Assistance for the establishment of operations in Lithuania
  •      Controlling and monitoring of your business
  •      Consulting and management services

Beside this, we have a large network of contacts in Lithuania for more than 13 years of presence in the country.