We work in 8-hour shifts. All workers wear standard and safe workwear and footwear. Employees are provided with all the necessary workplace safety tools (masks, gloves, ear plugs, etc).

Our workplaces are continually ventilated, aired and heated. Every single workplace has been tested to determine existing and possible professional risk hazards and create safe and healthy workplace environment.

The company carries routine workplace safety audit that involves working out preventive work safety measures, appointing responsible persons to remove work safety risks. This allows us to avoid workplace accidents and to encourage workplace safety consciousness among our employees.

For short work breaks we have a rest area – an outdoors pergola for warm summer days where employees can have snacks from home and soft drinks or water. An in-house eating room is equipped with stools, tables, microwave ovens and water kettles.

Employees can use changing rooms with cabinets to store their personal belongings. After work employees can take shower.

We take pride in working in this Scandinavian-type company, so we also like to spend our free time with the colleagues. We have our own Stansefabrikken cycling team that takes part in Lithuanian cycling marathons. In 2011 the Stansefabrikken team took the third place in the marathon cup race. The company encourages its employees to take part in such races by covering the entry fees, providing bike transportation, year-round technical bike maintenance as well as team jerseys.

We organise annual summer and winter parties for our staff. Every summer we organise a themed summer outing; so far we have been sailors, hippies, cowboys and pirates. We have lots of fun, employees are provided with overnight stay and transportation to and from the party. Every winter with can't help waiting for the annual carnival where we change into various characters.


At the end of each year the Santa Claus always visits the plant and thanks the staff for the work well done, takes joy in the good things that took place during the year, shares his views about future prospects and, of course, gives presents.

As we cherish and take care of our staff, we offer free swimming pool and sauna several times per year for those who prefer relaxation, while those into a more active spare time have access to a basketball court.