One of the major events in the history of Stansefabrikken is the strategic decision to establish our own factory and industry park in Lithuania. In part due to the general high labour cost in Norway, it was deemed necessary to relocate to a country close to our main markets, with industrial traditions and a competent workforce. This was found in Lithuania.

After a wide search and several options investigated, we settled on the old factory area in Pasiles in Ukmerge. The area had several industrial buildings onsite, it is located centrally in Lithuania; close to large cities, and had a strong industrial tradition. To acquire the factory buildings, the local company UAB Ukmerges Stakles (former Krumpliaratis) was purchased. The company manufactured agricultural machinery and made general repairs. 
The two companies UAB Ukmerges Pramones Parkas (UPP - Ukmerge Industrial Park) and UAB Stansefabrikken (SFU) were established, and the buildings were sold from Ukmerges Stakles to UPP.
All buildings were given a total  renovation and modern production facilities were made for the production company SFU.

The first, and main machineries that were installed was a brand new and modern powder coating line and a CNC punching and press brakes. The production of TV frames for our main customer Bang & Olufsen was moved from our old factory in Lillesand to Ukmerge, as well as the production of our own products; mailboxes and electrical cabinets.

In 2005 when Lithuania became a member of the EU, the Norwegian state channel NRK visited the factory in Ukmerge and produced a report  from the factory, which showcased both the old factory, as it was  when we bought it, and the new, modern and renovated facilities.


The factory grew fast, and new tenants came to the industrial park.
After some years more space was needed, we sold the company Ukmerges Stakles and bought the other buildings in the area.
We also expanded with a brand new building for our tenant SWIX from Norway; making ski poles that are powder painted in SFU.