Stansefabrikken Ukmerge was established in 2003 in new production facilities. Norwegian knowledge and quality thinking combined with skilled and efficient works force in Lithuania, has proven to give our customers high quality products at lowest possible cost.

The plant occupies more than 13 000 sqm and have more than 275 skilled employees with high knowledge of the different processes from sheet metal production.

They have from day one when the factory was established in Ukmerge been concerned with keeping high standards and taking care of both internal and external environment. The company constantly invest in new technology for better efficiency, lower production cost and a good working environment for our employees as well as looking after the external environment.

Today the factory are one of the leading sub-suppliers of sheet metal products. They have have all necessary equipment and both ERP and quality systems are well established and under constant improvement.

The company specializes in small to medium sized batches and can complete the products with both assembly and packaging.