Setting up production easily in Lithuania

With 20 years of experience in setting up production in Lithuania, we have a large network and can help you with everything you need to establish your business in Lithuania. As a tenant of the industrial park, you can choose from a range of services that make it easier to focus entirely on your production.

Sharing resources creates synergies

All new and unknown is often a big challenge when starting up production and establishing a business in an unknown country. When we came to Lithuania in 2002 and had to find suitable premises, we found that sharing resources and costs for common functions was a smart decision to make.

By creating an industrial park where several Scandinavian manufacturing companies could benefit from each other and share costs, our own project became even better. This has been a great success that we want to continue with now as we expand the industrial park with new modern production buildings that are certified according to BREEAM standards. 

We are happy to support companies that want to establish themselves in the industrial park, with all the necessary steps to start up production here in Lithuania. We know the processes and have a large network with many competent partners.

produksjonslokaler til leie i Litauen med mange fellestjenesterAlthough you have your own resources with banking connections, accountants and other things in Norway, there are often other rules that apply in a new country Therefore, being able to get all the formalities in place safely and efficiently is very useful. In this way you can focus on establishing production and recruiting new local staff. We can also contribute in these areas with all our experience from transport, installation, recruitment, accounting and other areas that need to be in place in an establishment phase.

In other words - we help you get started with your new business to the extent you want.

During the almost 20 years we have had our industrial park in Lithuania, many companies have started up here. They have either moved on with their own premises after a while, or have continued here together with our own production companies. Either they buy services from each other, or they use one of the many common functions available in the industrial park. An example of this is Swix (now Brav) which in 2006 chose to move production of ski poles from Norway to Lithuania. We could then offer renovated production premises, support with establishment and recruitment, as well as services such as varnishing of the ski poles in our production in the same premises. Later we expanded with a new building adapted to Brav's production.

Common functions and services

The industrial park offers its tenants a range of common functions and services. Everything can be chosen according to your wishes and needs. This brings economic benefits and ensures high quality services:

The rental includes the following:

  • Reception and answering service
  • 24/7 security
  • Alarm and safety internet 
  • Common conference room
  • Property tax and other taxes 
  • Building insurance 
  • Caretaker

Other optional services: 

  • Extended internet 
  • Laundry 
  • Engineering 
  • Accounting services 
  • Recruitment assistance with relocation of production/company to industrial park 
  • assistance with establishment of company in Lithuania 
  • Control and monitoring of your company 
  • Consultancy

If you want to find out what it takes to establish your business in the industrial park, feel free to contact us for a presentation. We will be happy to help make this process as safe and simple as possible for you.

Contact persons

Olav Jegtvolden Managing Director
+47 4041 1440
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