New industrial premises for rent in Lithuania

We are currently expanding the industrial park with a brand new building of 10,500 m2. The building, which is environmentally friendly BREEAM-certified with standard "Very Good", will be completed in 2024, and can be adapted to tenants' wishes. If you are thinking of setting up production abroad, we can help you get started quickly and safely.

Our investment in a new construction is a natural continuation of the success we have had in recent years with production in Lithuania and cooperation in the Industrial Park. In 2021, we were finally able to buy more land and prepare for expansion with new production facilities.

We are at the momemt looking for tenants who would like to start production in these new premises in Lithuania.

Who are these premises suitable for?

The industrial park in Ukmerge is suitable for many different types of production. The industrial park is fully supplied with electricity, water and other infrastructure. The facilities can be adapted to different types of production, but of course some here are more suitable than others. We have thus set up the following examples of what we think is suitable and not so suitable in the industrial park. These are just examples. If you work with other types of production than those mentioned below, these premises may still be the perfect fit for your needs, and we would be happy to look into possible solutions.

The following types of production are suitable for the park: 

  • Mechanical industry (plates, machinery, pipes, welding)
  • Plastics production (injection moulding, vacuum forming, machining)
  • Textiles (stitching, knitting, weaving)
  • Electrical and electronics production
  • Pharmaceuticals (medicines, vaccines)
  • Furniture production

The following types of production are not ideally suited: 

  • Food industry (food production, slaughterhouse)
  • Processing industry (paper, paint, chemicals)
  • Energy-intensive industry (foundries, smelters)

Facts about our new building:


  • 10.475 m2 - production, warehouse and office areas.
  • BREEAM certification standard "Very good".
  • Building energy standard = A+
  • Completed in 2024.
  • Designed for sustainable solutions.
  • Extension possibilities can be agreed on.

On the other pages of this website you can read more about how we can simplify the process of establishing or moving production to our site  (Simple establishment), why Lithuania is one of the best countries near Norwayin which to establish production (Why Lithuania) and how sustainable and environmentally-friendly thinking is at the heart of our development (Sustainable production).

What we offer:


  • Rapid adaptation of flexible construction.
  • Fully developed infrastructure.
  • Synergy between companies
  • "One stop shop" and all necessary services.
  • Availability of skilled workforce.
  • Competence and networks in Lithuania



Contact persons

Olav Jegtvolden Managing Director
+47 4041 1440
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