The manufacturing process is based on modern equipment and latest technologies. Some of our products are completely finished and ready to be shipped to retail shops. We also offer subcontracting services.

The company was established in 2003 in Ukmergė, Lithuania. Ever since our daily activity is based on attention to quality and customer needs.

The plant occupies 10,300 square meters; it has around 200 staff.

During 2008-2012 we have invested LTL 10.56m into equipment and production process management. Some of the projects were co-funded with EU aid. Most of the investment went into CNC punching and CNC bending machines as well as powder coating lines. In 2012 we plan to acquire a fully automated punching line that will be one of the most productive automated punching lines in Europe. This investment will further sharpen our competitive edge.

"Our goal is to become a top-level service provider in our field of activity, supplying customers with top-quality products. To achieve this, we spare no effort, we continuously expand our expertise and invest into upgrading equipment and introducing latest technologies," says managing director of Stansefabrikken Virginijus Jurkštas.