Stansefabrikken Products AS


Stansefabrikken Products AS was established through a spin-off in 2007. The company is owned by Stafa Industrier AS and has offices in Oslo and Fredrikstad.

The company focuses on sales of products and solutions within a broad range of Electrical Cabinets and Postboxes.
Electrical Cabinets
Stansefabrikken is one of Norway's leading suppliers of electrical cabinets.
Our old and traditional ”Nebbskap” was the fuse box of the nation in it's era.
Based on long tradition and forward-looking research and development, we market a broad range of electrical cabinets with flexibility, user friendliness and functionality and competitive prices as the most important features.
The ”Elektro line” cabinets offer you the option to choose the best solutions to your task at hand.

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In 2001 we acquired Nic. B. Sandberg AS, a well established supplier of postboxes in Norway. We continuously develop our postboxes and accessories with the aim of having the best products on the market with regards to design, quality, flexible solutions and competitive prices.
We are Norway's largest producer and supplier of postbox-systems.
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We distribute our electrical cabinets through wholesalers. Postboxes are distributed directly and through retailers.
Our vision
Our products and services shall be perceived as the best in the Nordic region.
Our business statement
We are committed to create solutions that provide our customers lasting satisfaction and competitiveness through quality and good design.
Company Values
Even if our products are inherent technical and industrial, we want our products to appear with a ”human touch”. Hence, it is important for our company to be innovative and long-term, and generous, courageous and reliable.