About us

Ukmerges parmones parkas is a Norwegian owned industrial park in Lithuania.

Ukmerges pramones parkas is a Norwegian owned industrial park in Lithuania, located in Ukmerge, a medium-sized city in central Lithuania, 75 km from the capital Vilnius (four-lane highway), 72 km from Kaunas and 66 km from Panevėžys. With good infrastructure to all major cities in the country with a well-developed industrial environment in the city, the location is optimal for us and our tenants.

Our vision with the creation of the industrial park is to offer industrial premises adapted to modern production by Western standards. We wish that the companies in the industrial park will be able to offer their employees a safe working environment. Today industrial park fully developed with 22,000 m2 renovated office and production facilities. Overall 7 enterprises are established in the industrial park today. We wish expansion of the industrial park and envision future growth.

Our main idea is that companies which are collocated may share many services such as attendant, IT infrastructure, caretakers, security guards, concierge services, conference rooms, compressed air, heating system and several other things. In this way each company don't have to invest and operate these public services for themselves, which is cost-effective for all parties.
The other big advantage of to be in an industrial park is the opportunity to create synergies, collaborate on services and thus be both customer and supplier to another. Of the companies that are already established in the industrial park has all active customer / supplier relationship with at least one other tenant.

There are large developing
possibilities in the industrial park and we have an extra building ready to be renovated, and the opportunity to build new production or offices if someone should need it.