We use different types of machinery to bend the flat parts.

Bending with eccentric or hydraulic presses

Bending in presses is a traditional way of bending. It gives a low production cost per part since you use a specially built tool for the product and this way you can make several bends in one stroke. This process is best for larger volume production since a special tool needs to be made for each part

Bending with CNC controlled press brakes

We have a large number of small and large CNC controlled press brakes. These machines use different standard tools. In most cases there are no investment costs in order to make a product. The process is controlled with a CNC program which controsl both the length and the degree of the bend. We have skilled operators that know how to adjust the process according to the differences in the metal thickness and hardness, which always will effect the bend.

The huge advantage of this bending method is it does not require an invesment and has a fast setup time, which allows production of small batches at a good cost level.

CNC bending center

We have a new fully automated bending center. The machine is programmed and changes tools automatically during the production process. The bending center is very suitable for production of larger products such as cabinets, shelves, doors, shields and other products with a lot of bends.