A lot of parts from sheet metal needs to be assembled or connected to other parts in one way or another. It can be a door connected to a cabinet or a bracket inside a cabinet or a box. Through our expertise, we recommend a mechanical fastener or give a choice that suits the chosen function.

We have a long experience in finding the right fastener and solution for different products. There are many options with different advantages and specifications. It would be best if you considered the strength, production cost, cost of the part, visibility and design when you decide what is correct for your product. Our engineers know which options will give the best total result for your product.

We have a lot of different equipment for applying the different fasteners - these are the most common fasteners we use in our production:

Bolt welding studs - this is a stud with outside or inside threads which are being welded on with a bolt welding machine. These are very good if you don’t want a visible mark on the other side of the part.

Anchor rivets and studs - this is a stud or nut with a serrated shank which is inserted into a hole in the sheet metal part. The shank is pressed on the backside of the sheet, providing a secure connection. We have special machinery for applying these kinds of rivets and nuts.

Self-clinching nuts - this is a stud or nut which is pressed into the sheet metal part without any parts of the nut being visible from the backside.

Pop nuts - this is a stud or nut which is used to fasten sheet metal parts together. The pop nut will be visible from both sides. They are fastened with a hand tool and is especially good because of the low cost and fast production method.

Also, there are ordinary nut and screw options available, and of course, a lot of hinges and handles that are mounted on your product. We can mention several more different types and options for fasteners that we can recommend.

The best way of finding the right fastener or appliance for your product is to work together with our engineers and explain your needs and wishes. Then we can help you find the right solution.