Modern CNC punching machinery works with fast punching speeds and great accuracy. Before starting the production, we use CAD software to program the machines according to established standards for sheet metal production. Our engineers calculate the bends and forming of the products after the punching process. This way, we can make the correct flat part using experience and advanced programming software.

Standard tools are used in the production of most products, which saves the customer from additional investment into special cutting tools. Our CNC punching equipment enables simple punching, up-and-down forming, marking (letters and numbers on the sheet), threading and other special forming allowed by the technology.

We combine the different products on the standard metal sheet to give optimal usage of the sheet. Several of our machines have automatic load and unload functionalities which allows the machines to work unmanned for longer.

All in all, this makes CNC punching the optimal production method for production with minimal startup costs, high accuracy production and low cost per part. This is why it is possible to produce products in small batches up to large quantities and still be cost-efficient.

Quality control

When working with sheet metal production, it is essential to have a certified and proved quality system and control process. We use both template products and advanced laser measuring equipment to check the first parts out of the machine before we start mass production.

During the production process, the machines go through a tooling check, and we perform constant checks according to the standard operating procedure.