We are proud to say that we keep a very high quality standard in our powder coating line. Our processes have been improved over 30 years since before we moved this production from Norway to Lithuania. We are a leading powder company when it comes to quality and process control in our powder coating line.

Powder coating is a very environmentally friendly process. It gives many advantages both with cost level and end results. It’s possible to paint in all kinds of different colors and with different structures.

Stansefabrikken was the first company in Lithuania to install a high-capacity automated powder coating line that has an anti-corrosion function. The Oxsilan anti-corrosion pre-treatment technology is now gaining popularity fast around the world and is beginning to replace galvanization as the preferred anti-corrosion method. The new technology is the so-called dry method and has a number of advantages over wet coating.

Stansefabrikken's powder coating line have several coating cabinets for different colour palettes. The following max measures apply for detail coating: 
Height: 1,700 mm, Width: 850 mm, Length: 2,500 mm